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Content is expensive, interactive mapped content doubly so. Which is why no one has made destination content like ours available before.

We've spent years shooting millions of dollars worth of travel & destination content so you can use it for cents on the dollar.

Combining professionally produced panoramic virtual tours with maps is the perfect way to show web visitors around your little part of the world. Show them the local attractions views, shops & hangouts. Show your visitors where everything is in relation to you... show them why they should be using your services.

Interactive Track Map
Nikon Indy 300 - Interactive Track Map

Using our system we produced an advanced interactive track map for the Nikon Indy 300. The maps shows not only the track & virtual tours but grandstands & hundreds of items from all over the Indy precinct helping visitors find facilities they require & plan out their day.

Broadbeach Virtual Tour Map
Broadbeach Alliance - Virtual Tour Map

The Broadbeach Alliance a local business & tourism body has added our content to their website allowing visitors to virtually visit Broadbeach before they travel.

Panedia Content Reactions:

“The brilliant and immersive panoramas have sparked nostalgia within me. I used to live in Sydney and I have not had such a vivid recollection of what that was like since being there.”

— Zach Weisman, Tech Crunch Commenter

“One look at their website and I can see some beautiful images taking up 90% of my screen... The high quality of the images and the execution on the web is top level.”

“I could spend a great deal of time looking around the Panedia website as the quality of the images drags you in and makes you want to click to the next one” Read more

Alex Bainbridge, TourCMS

“The photo quality here is much higher than from other web sources like Google Street View. Some of the photography is truly breathtaking, and as the site expands to Europe and North America in the coming year, as planned, it will likely gain a lot more traffic” Read more

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