First and foremost Panedia is a photography company. Our core content is amazing photography. All of our team are either professional or avid photographers.

As a photography company, we produce some of the world's best interactive mapped destination content, and we want to share it with you.

How did we get here?
Being photography fanatics we wanted to shoot panoramic virtual tours of everything, but few organsiations could afford to commission a virtual tour shoot of all Australia.  So we commissioned ourselves to shoot not just Australia, but the world.  This of course was and is extremely expensive, so we produced a licensing model that allows a lot of companies to pay a little money for our unique and amazing content which will then enable us to continue shooting, and producing brilliant content for you.

Of course if you want to use our content on your non-commercial website or blog, it's free.

For more information about Panedia, our other services or team, see our main site. To keep up with our goings on you can check out our company blog.