Advanced Technology Made Simple.

We've worked hard to make our advanced systems simple for you to use. The ultimate result is that you require only a simple line of code to embed our content into your website or blog. You don't need to host gigabytes of data or run any particular technology on your site.

Example Code:

<iframe src="" width="400px" height="400px" frameborder="0" ></iframe>

Of course this is only the final step... at every other step in the process we've also simplified advanced technology to make amazing interactivity & content available to you & your site visitors.

How we help your website visitors enjoy fantastic mapped content:

  1. Our panoramic virtual tours are displayed using Flash so your visitors can view them without having to install exotic web browser plugins. In fact 97% of your site visitors have Flash installed already. For the few that don't we'll let them know they need flash and where to download it free. At 1.4MB the download will take less than a minute on broadband. (Flash 9 penetration, source Adobe)

  2. The mapping is provided by Google and works on all modern web browsers with no plugin required.

  3. Our panoramic virtual tours size themselves. So you don't have to pick a size to display them. The size will be chosen automatically based the size of your map & your viewers screen size. So visitors with small monitors will see small panoramic virtual tours, while visitors with large monitors will see a big panoramas.

  4. We provide tiny image files for previews, starting at only 3kb each, making panorama selection extremely fast.  We then offer the user medium sized panoramas that are between 50kb & 400kb, before offering the fullscreen versions with breathtaking detail at an average size of 1.8Mb.  Site visitors can look around at the content extremely quickly, then delve into stunning high resolution panoramas at their leisure.

  5. We can have the map auto zoom to show all the panoramas on your map. This is particularly useful when you are running the map at a % of monitor size, as the map will be a different size for every viewer. So regardless of the users monitor size, they'll see all the panoramic virtual tours on your map.

How we help you set up and manage your maps & content.

Panedia Embedded Content Step 2

Panedia Embedding Panorama Selection

Panedia Embedding Mycontent

Panedia Embedding Mycontent