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Non-commercial Use ?You'll likely know if you're use is commercial or not. Contact us if you're not sure. Editorial use is generally fine, ie blogs showing areas they're talking about. Education is generally non-commercial also. Commercial Use ?If you're putting our content on a business site then it's most likely commercial. Editorial use in blogs etc is non-commercial.
Free for non-commercial use on your website or blog. Commercial users must sign up for a commercial account.
No Business
Small Business?Includes Caravan Parks & Camp Grounds, Farmstays, B&B's, Cottages, Cabins. Plus Tours within one state. Medium Business?Does not include RTO's, STO's, Hotel groups, Travel Portals, Booking sites etc
Accommodation 30- rooms,
Caravan Pks, Camp Grds, B&B's, State based Tour Operators.
Accommodation 31+ Rooms,
Small Town & Suburb Tourism Orgs, National Tour Operators.
Unlimited Maps 1 map Unlimited Maps 1 map Unlimited Maps
20 panos per map 30 panos 50 panos per map 80 panos 100 panos per map
Free $39/month $59/month $89/month $129/month
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Prices in Australian Dollars, including GST.

Is this a long-term commitment?

Panedia Embedded Content is a pay-as-you-go service. There are no long term contracts or commitments on your part. If you cancel, you'll be billed for the current month, but you won't be billed again when paying by Credit Card. 

What types of payment do you accept? Can you invoice us?
Can we pay a year in advance?

Currently we accept Visa & Mastercard for month by month automatic payments.  If you prefer to pay on invoice we can bill you yearly for payment by direct deposit or cheque.  Yearly payments receive one months free service. Pay for 11mths, receive the 12th month free.

I'm a Campground /Caravan Park/ Cabins / Tour Operator etc, which plan can I use?

The 'Small Business' plan is suitable for use in all these cases.  Except where you are a 'National' tour company, ie one that operates in more than one state.  If you're a Tour Company on the border between states, let us know, we may be able to relax the rules for you a bit.

I'm a Hotel Group /RTO /STO /Tourism Portal/Booking Site etc, which plan can I use?

These plans aren't suitable for large scale usage.  Contact us and tell us what you're needing and we'll work out a plan for you.

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