Have lots of questions?  Hopefully we've answered them on the site & here in the Frequenty Asked Questions.  If not, contact us and we'll get back to you real quick with answers.

How many maps can I make?

This depends on your account type. The details are on our Pricing & Signup Page.
No Business (Free): Unlimited Maps.
Small Business: 1 Map.
Small Business Unlimited: Unlimited Maps.
Medium Business: 1 Map.
Medium Business Unlimited: Unlimited Maps.

Note: by default accounts with 'unlimited' maps are set to 50 maps.  If/when you require more, contact us and we'll up the limit.  It's just a security measure.

How many panoramas can I have on my map(s)?

This depends on your account type. The details are on our Pricing & Signup Page.
No Business (Free): 20 panoramas per map.
Small Business: 30 panoramas.
Small Business Unlimited: 50 panoramas per map.
Medium Business: 80 panoramas.
Medium Business Unlimited: 100 panorama per map.

How do I put the embed code into my website or blog?

Check out all the info on our HOW TO EMBED page.

What URL should I use to link to the map?

We strongly recommend using a subdomain http://maps.yourwebsite.com.au if you're creating a fullscreen map. More info here.

I want the map to be fullscreen like your Indy Interactive Track Map how do I do that?

Glad you asked.  We've developed 3 methods for you to present the maps in a fullscreen manner, while allowing space for your own navigation etc at the top or bottom of the screen. You'll find the FullScreen maps info here.

I'd like to use your content on our education site, do I need to pay for a commercial license?

Depends.  If you're a government school, tafe, college or university then you can use the system free of charge.  If you're a private institution you may also be elegible for free use, contact us here to find out.

You don't have any content in my area, when will you be shooting here?

As soon as we have enough interest from your area. Register your interest in having us shoot your area here now and we'll let you know when we're heading to your region.

The maps are old/wrong in my area, can you update them?

No sorry, they're Google's maps, and Google have total control over that stuff.  There is no method to have maps updated at present.

Something as changed at our destination since you shot it, can you come back and shoot again?

As soon as we have enough interest in your area we'll be back. Register your interest in having us shoot or reshoot your area here now and we'll let you know when we're heading to your region.

How do you produce your virtual tours, is it with a video camera?


Do you work for Google?

No, we just use their brilliant maps and API. Plus most of their other services.

Isn't this the same as Google Streetview?

Not by a long shot.  Google pays unskilled people to drive around with video cameras stuck to cars.  We pay professional photographers to shoot amazing places at the best times for great images. 

Put it this way: Would you rather your next photo shoot be done by someone driving past in a car with a video camera hanging out the window, or by an experienced professional photographer with professional still photography camera gear?  'nuff said.

Here's 2 blog posts we've written for more on this topic.

I'm a web developer/ad agency and want to use your content for one/some of my clients.  Do you have an affiliate/partner program?

Coming soon.  We'll be launching a partner program in the next few months.  At this stage the remuneration looks like being 100% of the first 3mths payments goes to the partner.  Depending on the level chosen this will make between $117 and $387 inc gst per new client.  Paid at the 3mth point.  Plus whatever you charge for setup & implementation of our system on their website.

As a partner can I run all my clients under my account?

Not initially.  But we hope to implement this in some form during 2009.  For the time being you'll need a separate account for each of your clients.

We have a tour company with tours running all over Australia.  Can we make maps for all our tours on the Commercial 'Unlimited' plan?

No, the 'unlimited' plan only allows you to create maps within one state.  If you happen to be on the border between 2 states, let us know, we might be able to relax the rules a little for you.  Otherwise you'll need the Medium Business Unlimited account.

I run the tourism website for a small town or local suburb what plan do you have for us?

Use the Medium Business Unlimited account.

We are a large City/State tourism body (RTO, STO) & want to use your system, can we use the Medium Business Unlimited plan?

No, you'll need to contact us about a custom plan for your city/region/state.

I just want to use the virtual tours without the map, can I do that?

Soon we'll be extending our Embedding system to allow you to use individual virtual tours.

We're a large hotel with 30+ rooms, but we don't want 100 virtual tours on our map, can we have a cheaper rate?

The rate is for 'up to' 100 virtual tours.  So you can have between 1 and 100 virtual tours on the map, the price is the same.  The reason bigger places pay more than small places is they get a lot more value out of it, and will use more of our bandwidth serving the content, even if it's less than 100 virtual tours used.

ie a 400 room hotel needs to budget 30c per room per month to pay for the embedding system, while a 4 bedroom B&B needs to budget $10 per room per month.  A 400 room hotel is also going to get vastly more traffic to their website, and far more users of the destination content.